Now I Know

When seventeen-year-old Liza starts exploring her bisexuality at a high school party, her best friend Emily starts to question how well she really knows her friend. 

Now I Know is a short coming-of-age film about two young women navigating their friendship and each grappling with their sexuality. With the film, I wanted to explore how we unintentionally trap each other with our assumptions and all the things that go unsaid in a close friendship.

This film was produced during my time as a student at UCLA, and is a very personal story to me. Growing up, as I began to question my own sexuality, I found it difficult to express. As a bisexual woman, I wanted to create a film that showed young women questioning and struggling, an experience that many LGBTQ people experience even as the world becomes more accepting. At the end of the day, we have to accept ourselves, and that can sometimes be the hardest step in coming out.

Written & Directed by Julia Keelan Angley
Digital short film, 2019, 8 minutes
Starring Sara Silva & Georgia Gould